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Music artists See Us Lapinlahti

Music artists – See Us Lapinlahti is an experiential event that brings together mental health promotion through the arts and fashion. The opening event will be held on 19.8.2022. After that some of the costumes and art will be on display in the gallery of Lapinlahden Lähde. Where – Helsinki, Finland An outdoor event at the courtyard of Lapinlahden Lähde, Helsinki
Address: Lapinlahdenpolku 8, 00180 Helsinki. For who – See Us – Lapinlahti is for anyone who is seeking information about mental health, is interested in arts and culture, part of the fashion industry, wants to support open discussion and is looking for networking opportunities. This is the place to get inspired. From who – From people to people. Our team consists of three fashion designers and one event coordinator. Three fashion designers Krista Virtanen, Anna Palmén and Kati Määttä have good networks in the Finnish fashion field. They have worked with numerous photographers, stylists, make-up artists and artists and produced the annual KOE fashion show. Event coordinator Hannah Hietala works closely with young Finnish artists and events, which expands the event’s coverage of the creative field. She is one of the people behind the Emmi From Finland collective whose mission is to make the world a better place. Values – For the common good! Our mission is to bring art to the people through the project, to increase its value and to promote mental health through it. The values of our project are equality and fairness; we want to allow everyone to experience art and culture regardless of a person’s background. We believe we need more sense of community and creating culture is one of the most effective ways to do it!

The Patriarchate oppresses everyone. Fortunately, there is a Matriarchy!

Matriarkaatti is a common project by rap artists Adikia and Mon-Sala, where they deal with problems of the society and subjects of personal irritations (in finnish “vitutus”). The project also holds a podcast and different events. The newly released spring 2022 debut album from the duo ‘Matriarkaatti’ is simultaneously a cheeky, moving and experimental collection of unique bangers. The single ‘Lääh’ speaks about anarchist fun.  Living in times of efficiency and self observation the song encourages laziness, rudeness and taking space. 

Local pop-artist FIBO released his first song “Rakasta mua hitaasti” in spring 2020. The song is the first production by the new record label Leibel. Fibo started creating the song in 2018 in collaboration with founders Leibel Heku Anttonen and Mats Takila. In november 2020 FIBO released a new single “Se ei kuulu enää mulle”

Bägi B’s territory is rap and fast as well as slow RnB where he feels most confident. He wants to bring for his listeners the reflection of explosive energy, but also the calm chill lifestyle. As he is still new in the business, it’s unsure what genre will lead him, but growing making music is the only right way, thinks Bägi B. 

I am excited to perform for the first time with Fibo, who is also one of the first people to introduce me to the music industry and to give me courage to grab the mic. Now our first production is done and can’t wait to get back to the studio!

Otto Taimela, who has produced music through several foreign and finnish record labels, strives to create music that ¨sounds like falling snow¨. Rarely touring producer’s palette is broad: the artist’s discography features piano releases, blue electronic mist balancing ambient and noise, pink house, dark grey dub-techno, and rainbow-toned lo-fi breakbeat production.

“Otto’s music is for neon lit storefronts reflecting in streaks on rain soaked pavement, for fog machine filled rooms with technicolour lights, or for train rides home as the sun just begins to rise and the dark indigo of night turns burning lilac..” – Special Species Records

Meet Katri Johannes! She goes both solo and as a part of a dynamic duo Borderline Babez. Her path as a dj is still in the beginning, but she has a great drive for sharing her groove with the world.

Her biggest crushes in electronic music are big vocals, ethnic details, melancholic and deep melodies, and of course that groovy rolling bassline – the fatter the better! So that’s what you can expect when she’s behind the decks. She sees music as the food for the soul for she herself gets a lot of help to her inner processes from the enjoyment of playing and dancing.

(Mental health issues and the conversation around them are close to her heart. She has a history of growing up with a mental ill parent that unfortunately led to her becoming unwell too. She strongly believes in science based therapies as tools towards healing and speaks loudly about the societal issues around getting professional help to people in need.)